Superfighters Deluxe Review

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(Above is a team game)

What is Superfighters Deluxe?

This is one of the lesser known games we will review. Superfighers Deluxe is a game about little people fighting each other to the death. You can control and customize a character who competes against other players. Players fight in maps that other people make. There are various guns you can also find to shoot your opponents. You can also use melee items, such as an axe, or your bare fists. This game has an interesting fist-fighting mechanic. You can block an attack if you time it right and quickly attack the other player. Or you can do nothing, wait for the opponent to waste their block, and punch them in the face. You can also kick people off cliffs as well.

Tell me some more!

Superfighters Deluxe is being developed by two people. One guy does all the artwork and another guy does all the programming. The maps in the game can range from factories, city skylines, and to abanonded alleyways. There are also tons of maps people make in the community for download. Currently there are over 35 weapons. But regular updates to the game often bring in new mechanics, accessories, guns, and maps. A recent update introduced the ability to grab an opponent. First, you need to run up to someone and grab them. If they do not move away or punch you, you can get a hold of them. Then you can throw them quite a distance, or punch them. These two options both have their uses. If someone is near a ledge you can toss them over, they'll take a tumble. But if you are on flat ground, punching them will deal some damage. Also, when sprinting, you can dive into someone. This is useful because after diving, you roll. So you can dive into someone off a ledge and roll when you hit the ground, but the other person will be stuck in your arms, taking a lot of damage.


The little person you control can have a name. You can give them any username you'd like. After that, you can customize yourself. There are so many clothing items to be put on. You can make yourself look like a ninja, a fighter, or santa claus. It doesn't really matter.

Our thoughts

This game is a pretty underrated game. A lot of things can happen here that are hilarious, or downright crazy. Did we mention the bazookas? If you get hit by a rocket you wont explode, but you will ride it! Yes, you can control the rocket once you get hit. People can use this to their advantage, and with some tight manuevers, reach the sender and blow them up. The game is also free, but not for long. Because the game is in alpha it is free. But once it enters final versions, most likely it will be paid. So try it while you can!