Roblox Review

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What is Roblox?

Roblox is a gaming platform which you can play and make games. Roblox was originally made by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004. It was launched to the public in 2006. The game holds a very deep history that the creators often do not want to talk about. The premise of this platform is for you to play games and make friends. There is a wide variety of games for you to choose from. You can start a tycoon, earn money and build whatever you'd like. You can battle other players in arenas, or anywhere you can think of. You can also hangout, chillax or make some cool creation. There is so much more that we cannot cover and it is best you see for yourself what you can find.

Should you get it?

This is a free platform you can sign up on. So you don't have anything to lose. The game offers a paid subscription where you can earn money daily. This virtual money (ROBUX) is used to purchase clothings and accesories for your virtual character. There is no way to get money other than to get builders club, or create a successful game.

The Games

Finding new and original games on the site is very rare. You will often only find tycoons, roleplay, and some strategy related games. Some games have been on the main page for years. ROBLOX tends to keep the same games up there, making it very hard to find anything new and interesting. Once you play through everything you see, it gets very boring. If you'd like to see a game made, you'd have to make it yourself. Some people may find that boring, others would see it as a challenge. It is up to you. This reflects on the whole point the ROBLOX is not run by any specific person. It is very open. People make games that others want to play. You can be one of those people.


The ROBLOX community is very large. Lots of people play this game daily. There are also groups you can join, or make yourself. It costs robux to maintain and start a group. Ranks can be set in groups as well. Groups can host games, events, and send messages and shoutouts. Some groups are all about wars, fighting, and military related things. Some people may join groups where they share ideas and "protest" against the ROBLOX developers. Other groups can be all about making games and hearing from peoples ideas. The group section is probably the most underated and most people forget how great it can be.


Should you get ROBLOX? It depends. If you find the games to be the most interesting part about it, you will be left disappointed once you play through everything. Like before, there isn't much to play. If you are more of a social person, who likes to have conversations or talk with other people, than this game is for you. Lots of other people still play this game. You can discover people a lot like you, and if you'd like join groups together, and play games with each other. Something is to be discovered in ROBLOX.