Clash Royale Review

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Game Mechanics and Information

Clash Royale is a free live drag-and-drop battle simulator based on strategy and teamwork. In the game, you collect cards that you can use in online battles. These cards have many weaknesses and strengths, and can change the course of battle when placed. With gold you earn in battles, and cards earned from chests, you can upgrade cards to increase their health and damage. There are different rarities of cards, ranging from Common to Legendary, As you clash against other players, you can work yourself up the ranks with trophies. Along with trophies, after winning battles you can earn chests. Chests contain gold, gems, and cards that you can use in-game. There are many types of chests, ranging from a Silver Chest (common) to a Super Magical Chest (super rare). Such as in Clash of Clans, you can choose to join a clan for free, or make one by spending 1,000 gold. In a clan, members from across the globe can donate and request cards to upgrade, all while friendly battling one another. Clash Royale also includes a shop, where you can buy cards and chests using gold and gems. Finally, last but not least, the game hosts tournaments every day, with the prize being cards and gold.

What We Think

Now, we've been playing Clash Royale ever since it came out. Yes, it has had its bugs and glitches, but the miraculous brains in Supercell have taken care of it. Clash Royale is constantly getting updated with nerfs and buffs, and maybe even some card additions. This is one of the main reasons why Clash Royale is a 4 star game. Because it's always being changed, for better or for worse, which shows that Supercell has not forgotten it. Many players stick around because of all the new changes that come almost every month, that spice the game up and make it more interesting. Clash Royale is enjoyable in a way where you can work with your friends and be excited, or play against your friends and hate them. The idea of teamwork, either with the person next to you, or someone across the world, impresses us in a way unimagineable. People can make new friends using the friend ability, and work together in order to climb to the top of the leaderboards. Teamwork and quick thinking is what makes Clash Royale fun and intense. Despite all these positive comments being said, things we dont fancy about the game is that results can be frusterating, and bad sportsmanship (coming from the opponent). Now, although this isnt the game's fault, the thought of someone spamming a laughing emote when winning is infuriating. However, there is a mute button for emotes, so that anger may not last long. Even though I've mentioned before that Supercell is constantly changing their game, a few cards are still overpowered, and some cards (such as Skeletons) are just pathetic. Overall, we believe that Clash Royale is a 4 star game because of Supercell's commitment to it, along with the intensity and action that comes with it.