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Iteresting Fact: Agar is actually a jelly like substance.

Mechanics is a game all about cells and blobs eating each other. You start off as a little cell that moves around very quickly. There are small cells scattered around you can eat as well. The more you eat, the bigger you get. The bigger you get, the slower you move around. This makes it harder for you to eat smaller players. You will quickly notice bigger cells with names that move around just like you. If you get too close, you will be consumed.

There are green spiky blobs that you can hide inside if you are smaller than it. If you are bigger than it, then it will split you up into even smaller blobs. This makes you an easy target. People can spew mass by pressing "W" that flys forward. Other people can consume this mass for free. This mechanic is typically used to team up, or temporarly help someone overcome a bigger blob. Putting mass into a green spike will cause it to split in half and the new half will fly in the direction you were pushing your mass into. This newly spiked blob can collide into another player. If it does, than this player will explode and lose lots of their mass into smaller versions. This makes them a super easy target to pick from. Another similar mechanic is by pressing Space Bar. This splits all of your blobs in half. So if you have one blob it splits into two smaller blobs. Like bacteria. This mechanic is a very useful one. If there is a smaller blob, that you can estimate to be about less than half your size, you can split into them. Because your new blob that is flying toward them is still larger, they will be devoured. Splitting is also used to quickly escape a sticky situation and leave with half of your mass. That is better than death.


The goal is to be the biggest blob on the board. Some people may find it an achievement to top the Top 10 list on the current server. After you do either, see how long you can last!

Our Thoughts

This game is definitely something you should try out. At first it can be frustrating but you will soon learn from others on how to play. Once you reach a new record, you just can't stop growing. If you're really into it, you can go ahead and join a clan, or try out some gamemodes. Some include teams, experimental, and partying up with your friends to play together. Teams mode is really cool, and it's pretty epic to go and raid a big group of opposing team colors. In the regular mode, you may find people also team up. Some people in the ranks tend to team up together to form an unstoppable force. There's really no way you can become first when it comes to this. Unless you make a team of your own. A lot of youtubers used to play this game as well, which is mostly how it became popular.